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Make a Donation to Camp McDonald Park today!
Friends of Camp McDonald Park is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We depend on Donations in order to fund our Mission. Cash donations, in kind donations and donations of goods have allowed our Mission to grow and news of our efforts to spread beyond the boundaries of The City of Kennesaw. No Board Member is paid a Salary and we are grateful for the time and effort given by our Volunteers.

We believe in responsible budgeting practices and operate our Organization within guidelines allowing us to provide a service to the Kennesaw Community. This service includes educating and encouraging Volunteers. Ultimately our goal is to open a park to the public. Below is a chart depicting allocations for Plan components of the estimated total Project cost in the amount of $125,000.00:

Friends of Camp McDonald Park Budget Estimation

With humble hearts we respectfully request your donation. All donations are welcome. We encourage cash donations at the following levels:

Regiment  $  50.00 Donation     Operating Budget & Volunteer Programs & Recognition
Brigade     $100.00 Donation     Entry Plaza & Fencing
Division    $150.00 Donation     Historic Signage
Corps        $250.00 Donation     Plantings
Army         $500.00 Donation     Stream Stabalization

Participate and earn your chance for a dog tag today!  Help us preserve our future by joining our email list, hosting a fundraising event, participating in Volunteer opportunities and donating.  Together we can change our community with the strength displayed among a force of those who serve.

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